January 27, 2017
Mercedes Robinson, Gloria Morrison, Thelma Lewis, Keith (Carolyn Parker’s son), Cynthia Nixon, Carlottra Guyton, Mtr. Jo Ann Ford, Jovan Roberts, Antawn Roberts, Okil Hunt, Marchette Thomas, Mackenzie Munroe, Anthony Nembhard and Jacquelyn Wright as they all recover from various illnesses.
The Diocese is urging parishes to participate in a Day of Conversation scheduled for Friday, March 24, 2017 at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville. The cost for the event is $40 which includes meals and round trip transportation from the Jacksonville Marriott. This Day of Conversation will form part of Diocesan Convention 2017.
Those of us who still want to submit pledge cards can do so by collecting, completing, and turning them in by hand or mail. Our Finance and Stewardship Committees will be needing those pledges, as work on the budget continues..
Buy a Brick! Purchase a brick in your name and help St. Philip’s Episcopal Church build for the future. Dear Parishioners, We are in the process of launching our Memorial Brick Fundraising Campaign. Our goal is to raise money to replace the roof on our historic but aging church. The Unity Day Committee has partnered...


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