Due to the current Covid-19 surge in Duval County, the Covid Committee has recommended to the Vestry that we cancel all in-person services at St. Philip’s through this month of January. All Sunday Services will be held via Zoom and posted on our website and social media pages for viewing.


November 13, 2021
11/6/2021 18:40:54 Written by Alma Flowers On behalf of the Sidney B Parker Chapter Union of Black Episcopalian The Sidney B. Parker Chapter are making plans for these two celebrations. MLK Day will be Saturday, January 15, 2022 and Absalom Jones Celebration will be February 12, 2022. Please save the dates and make plans to...
11/10/2021 13:18:05 Written by Arelia E. Donaldson On behalf of the DOK The DOK installed New Officers and Chaplin on Sunday, November 7, 2021. The new officers are President Pam Pierce, Vice President-Kim Vaughn, Secretary-Dorothy Holder, Treasurer-Alma Flowers, and Bishop Jay as Chaplin. Also found on the SPEC Connect eNewsletter, On our website – StPhilipsJax.org
Thursday, November 11, 2021 Dear Family and Friends of St. Philip’s, Happy Veterans’ Day! This Sunday at 10 am we will be honoring the veterans in our midst. This day always reminds me that freedom isn’t free. Men and women have sacrificed much by serving in our Armed Forces. As we appreciate and want to...


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