March 11, 2023
There will be a short ICARE meeting immediately after Sunday’s service.  I will discuss the latest information for this year’s events. Edward Wright
On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the new Vestry Members were installed. Our vestry consists of Nine Members: Pam Pierce, Senior Warden, Laurie Johnson, Junior Warden, Dorothy Holder, Church Clerk, Arlene Jones, Asst. Treasurer.  The remaining members are Alma Flowers, Katrina Crews, Gloria Belton, Jacquelyn Wright, and Arelia Donaldson. These members accepted the call to serve...
Two of our dedicated Vestry Members, who completed their terms and use their Leadership and Talents to serve St. Philip’s are Cynthia Nixon and Aileen Collymore.  Let us thank them for all their hard work and accomplishments as members of the Vestry.