Christian Formation – VBR Wrap-up

8/1/2021 17:25:59
Written by Katrina Crews
On behalf of the Christian Formation

VBR 2021 . . . it’s a wrap! Jesus Loves Me this I know I won’t forget; the Bible says that He loves me so. Vacation Bible Retreat has been a St. Philip’s tradition since 1992. It was created to deepen relationships with parish family old and you and draw us all closer to God. We have missed two years and now three because of Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Although the danger of the virus still haunts us , God called us into our creativity with the use of technology. Once the Vestry choose a date, a team was formed, and the brainstorming began. We implemented a hybrid program; with a virtual program on Friday night and a virtual and in-person program for Saturday with a classic theme . . . Jesus Loves Me, (theme song by Hillsong Young and Free).

During our time together this weekend, we explored just how much Jesus loves us and how we can model that love to share with others. Our first session on Friday night explained Jesus dying for us. We played a virtual game, Block Party to get acquainted, viewed a skit and attended a reflection relating the skit to Jesus’ love for each of us. The evening ended with compline and intercessory prayers. On Saturday during session 2 we come to a new understanding of how to abide in His love and session 3 helped us to think about what to do about that love.

Thank you to all who participated. The VBR 2021 team: Katrina Crews, chairperson, Jackie Jones, treasurer and registrar, Kris Munroe, communication, Earl Munroe, Molly Dean and Cj Crews, Technology; Support team, Gloria Belton, James and Pam Pierce, and Kathleen Gedeon; our Christian Formation Director and Curriculum lead – Linda Baker, our Homeboys in the kitchen, Alfonso West, Tony Morrison, James Pierce, Curtis Crews Jr and Percy Holder and our group leaders – Claudette Dawes, Linda Johnson, Cherylle LaFleur, Ann Gayle, Linda Martin and Dorothy Holder, skit performers – Madison Munroe, Jackie Jones, Seth Lefleur, Sean Way and Kris Munroe and our weekend would not be complete without our music team – Kris, Dorothy. Special thanks to Linda Johnson for making our banner and Cristopher Munroe for taking our group picture.

This year our registration process was completely digital, thanks to the foresight of Kris. The online process collected the data which made Jackie’s life easier. Thank you to Arelia Donaldson and Arlene Jones for assisting us in processing the registration payments via Realm. Thanks to all of you who attended VBR this year. Here’s to hoping the Lord touched your heart in a peaceful way. Thank you to all of the VBR Angels this year!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you and remember Jesus loves you . . .