Due to the current Covid-19 surge in Duval County, the Covid Committee has recommended to the Vestry that we cancel all in-person services at St. Philip’s through this month of January. All Sunday Services will be held via Zoom and posted on our website and social media pages for viewing.


7/23/2021 13:34:54
Written by Barbara Lee
On behalf of the Christian Education

Most of you are aware of our abuse awareness and prevention training program known as “Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People.” The software provider for this program is upgrading to a new training system which will be called Praesidium Academy. As an active participant in the Safeguarding program, you should have received an email on July 14th inviting you to log in to the new system. Your login will be your email address and you will be asked to update your password.

It is imperative that you update your information in the system so that your current course status is maintained!! You will NOT be expected to take any of the courses as your course status only needs to be updated every five years and you will be notified by the church office when your training dates are due. Please contact Linda Baker at (904) 705-5252 or realinda.50@comcast.net if you have any questions about this new program.

Also found on the SPEC Connect eNewsletter


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