St. Philip’s Grant Writing Team

7/23/2021 13:28:55
Written by Barbara Lee
On behalf of the Parish Council

St. Philips has a Grant Writing Team!

At the last Vestry Meeting, the Vestry approved to organize a Grant Writing Team. The Vestry also approved for the Church to pay for the FSCJ Six Week Training program for each Team Member.

The Team consist of Five Church Members:

Wil Baker, Team Lead
Orange Team”
Wendy Smith
Michael Phelts
Green Team:
Kristen Munroe
Kosterich (Richey) Robinson

Next week, the Team Members will receive an email outlining the steps they need to get Student ID numbers with FSCJ.
The FSCJ course (A-Z Grant Writing) will start on September 15, 2021, and run for six weeks. The course is instructor lead.

Upon completion of the Training, each Team will submit one Grant Proposal every three months.
Many thanks to Wilson Baker for his work to get our team in place and volunteering to serve as Team Leader.

Also found on the SPEC Connect eNewsletter


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