UTO – Make an offering for each blessing

10/21/2021 11:56:42
Written by Jacquelyn Wright
On behalf of the UTO
Whenever you pause to give thanks, make it tangible:
Put a coin in a UTO Blue Box, write down your thanksgivings in a journal or place them in a Blue Box to “cash in” later, than download an app that tracks your immediate thank offerings (utoblueboxapp.org)

Through the United Thank Offering, your private thank offering gets invested with collective purpose. Your thanks-giving’s yield a greater return when combined with the gratitude gifts of your Episcopal brethren.

Change given in gratitude for your children became a Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Kenya.
Change given in gratitude for your healthcare became a Pre-Natal and Birth Clinic in South Sudan.
Change given in gratitude for electricity in your home became a laundry service for the homeless in Michigan.
Change given in gratitude for the ability to work from home during the pandemic, became clinics and feeding ministries around the globe to support those suffering from COVID-19.

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