Bishop and Rector’s Journal – 1/6/2022

Dear Family and Friends of St. Philip’s,

The Covid Committee met tonight and is recommending to the Vestry that we cancel all
in-person services at St. Philip’s through this month of January. This includes the cancellation
of tomorrow night’s Feast of the Epiphany service.

If the Vestry approves we will have a Sunday 10:00 am Zoom Morning Prayer service. I
will preach after the second reading and will provide some time for discussion.
The Covid Committee does not want to return to Diocesan Phase 1, but the cases in
Duval County has indicated that the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly. None of us want St.
Philip’s to be a petri dish of infection.

I am uncertain myself as to whether I have had Covid. I have tested negative with two
home kits, but I have come off a severe cold, flu, or Covid virus with symptoms of Covid. I had
rashes on my skin, runny nose with cough, one instance of vomiting, and worst was a three-hour period of extreme shivering through my whole body. My worst day was Monday with yesterday showing a huge improvement. Today has been even better. Strangely I never had a headache, sore throat, or high temperature. The flu like aches weren’t present for me in this short run of illness. This stuff is hard to figure.

On Tuesday, January 11, I have an appointment for a drive-through test. If the result of that test is negative, I will feel I’m not a carrier of the virus and will resume my two days in mid-week pattern of being at St. Philip’s.

At this time, the Cathedral is still planning to host the Martin Luther King workshop on
January 15 from 11 to 2. The luncheon will be outside. Masks will be required. The cost for
lunch is $15.

What can we all do to open up our church again for in-person worship? All of us need
to be vaccinated but get the booster as soon as we are qualified to receive it. I understand that
Israel has found great success with a second booster. Perhaps when our government officials
give approval, we in the United States can do the same. As for me, I want to open our church
up on the first Sunday of February. We shall see how it goes.

With my love and best wishes, I remain,
Your brother in Christ,