June 5th, 10 am – 140th Church Anniversary Celebration with guest speaker The Reverend Joslyn Angus

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church welcomes The Reverend Dr. Joslyn Lloyd Angus back home to join in our 140th Year Celebrations. As many know, Father Angus hails from St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I. where he accrued his early formal education, graduating from Kingston Senior & Wolmers Boys’ School. He attended the United Theological College of the West Indies and from there was recruited by the Diocese of Chicago on a referral from an Episcopal Cleric and former colleague at McCormick Seminary. In 1976, he received his HOLY ORDERS from The Episcopal Church of the United States in the Diocese of Chicago.

In addition to his HOLY ORDERS, Dr. Angus received a Certificate in Education from Mico University College in 1963, the Bachelor of Divinity degree from the University of London in 1969, the Master of Arts degree in Church and Community in 1973, a Certificate in Anglican Studies from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in 1976, the Doctor of Ministry in Parish Revitalization from the McCormick Theological Seminary in 1980, and the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Theology from the Graduate Theological Foundation in 1998. His dissertation was “Impact of Pan-African Immigrants on the Church in the United States of America.”

Interspersed with his extensive education, Fr. Angus has accepted a calling for ministry at several churches in the United States and the West Indies, most notably as the minister at St. Philip’s Church in Jacksonville from 1981-1997. Additionally, he has pastored at the Church of the Holy Cross in Chicago and at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Savanah, Georgia. He has served and is currently the long-term Supply at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Congaree, South Carolina.

Along with his parish duties, Dr. Angus has served as an adjunct faculty member at Episcopal High School of Jacksonville, an education tutor in rural elementary schools in the Cayman Islands, an adjunct faculty member at Montego Hay High School for Girls in Jamaica, and as the Minister of Education at an elementary school in Jamaica.

The Reverend Dr. Angus is married to his wife, Rita Sylvia, and together they are the proud parents of three sons, Joslyn, M.D., Floyd, M.D., and Mark Sherwin, MD. With their respective wives, the sons have blessed them with four grandchildren.

We are delighted that Fr. Angus accepted our invitation to deliver the sermon on our 140th Anniversary. Having served as our longest presiding rector, he has been the officiant for our numerous christenings, baptisms, marriage ceremonies, funerals of loved ones, and so much more! We are truly blessed to have this man of God, who has been faithful for so many years, take this walk of faith with us yet again!

May God’s goodness and mercy continue to shine upon him, his family, and the lives of those whom he touches, as he continues his walk in faith.