Parish Connection April 8, 2016

Bar-B-Que and Bake Sale
It’s that time again. The Annual BBQ & Bake Sale are here! Encourage your friends and family members to come join us for mouthwatering delights. April 8th & 9th beginning at 11:00 a.m. On sale will be $8 Chicken Dinners, $9 Rib Dinners, cakes (slices), cookies and all kinds of goodies. Help pass the word along.

Resumption of Study Groups
Our Bible Study and Christian Education programs have resumed. We need to see more of our children attending Sunday School. Parents/ Guardians/ Godparents, this is a solemn responsibility you must keep, in order for our children to become more informed about the faith.

Back in Hospital
Our brother Stephen Williams, whose health has been failing, had to be hospitalized again. Do keep him, Carlottra and Adeline Archer (Arlene’s mom) in your prayers at this time.

Supplies Needed
We need supplies for our Thursday outreach to the Homeless Community – Vienna sausages, fruits/apple sauce, crackers, juice, spoons, napkins, and bags. Do give generously.

AD Book
This year the AD Book’s publication will to coincide with our Founders’ Day Celebration in June. Co-chairs for the Committee producing this booklet, will be Edward Wright and Arlene Jones. Edward and Arlene await your call or however you wish to communicate with them (Edward 904.534.4760 ~ Arlene 904.955.8639).

RAP Sessions at Saint Phillip’s
Rap (Raising Academic Performance): This tutoring session ministry is held every Monday from 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Please bring children, grandchildren, or children of friends if you think they would benefit from additional academic support. ALL grade levels! Please also bring samples of your child’s work in a folder. Providing a few samples of your child’s classwork, homework, and assessments would allow tutors to analyze the work, and thus provide appropriate learning steps. We look forward to seeing you at our RAP sessions. – Terrye Mosley

Our Condolences
Jo Ann and her family are mourning the loss of Jack Krumme at this time. Her family will gather in Kansas City to celebrate his life on Saturday. May he rest in peace.

Nehemiah Assembly
ICARE’s Nehemiah Assembly is scheduled for Monday, April 11th at Abyssinia Baptist Church, (10325 Interstate Center Drive, Jacksonville 32218). St. Philip’s has committed to at least 40 persons attending this year. WE NEED YOU. All additional information will be provided on Sunday by Edward Wright. Let us stand up as a church family for Justice in Jacksonville.