Soul Food Fest at St. Philip’s! – February 12, 2017

February is Black History month! St. Philip’s will celebrate our heritage on February 12, 2017, with a Soul Food Fest to follow the morning worship. For nearly 400 years, African Americans have contributed their strength, wisdom, talent and optimism to America. Their gifts and achievements have enriched our lives and inspired countless people throughout the world. This year our theme A Legacy of Strength A Future of Hope, we will celebrate the legacy the Obama Family while embracing the revelation of the Hidden Figures, Sunday, February 12, 2016 immediately following the morning worship. If we don’t acknowledge this event, it will disappear. Please come, enjoy a family meal, music and a special fact game.

Parish members are asked to participate with a covered dish. Our tribute to African-American history will be both educational and tasty with a Black History Month meal. Contemporary African-American cuisine, known as soul food, originated from the recipes of the slavery era and adapted as African-Americans plights’ changed.

The event chairperson is Linda Baker. Please contact her and let her know what special dish you will prepare to share.


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