2023 Pledge Camp – Stewardship

Alma Flowers

Greetings St Philip’s Family

On Sunday, November 6th Alma Flowers, Chairperson for Stewardship gave a brief presentation to Kick off our 2023 Campaign. Reminding all of us why giving is so important. Our theme for 2023 is: What’s God got to do with Stewardship? EVERYTHING. 

There were envelopes at the back for members to take which contained a Bible inspiration verse, reminding us of our theme and our responsibility. Each Sunday as you enter there will be a card or something for you to take which will keep you focused on our goal for next year. I am asking that we support each other and keep our mind focused on God who will provide us with all of our needs.

Remember, Give what you can and give from the heart with Joy and Thanksgiving, for God loves a cheerful giver.