ICARE Celebration

Barbara J Lee

Members of St. Philip’s attend ICARE Celebration

ICARE held our annual celebration of accomplishments meeting at Woodlawn Presbyterian Church on May 22, 2023. About 60 people from across Jacksonville attended. We had Justice Network members present representing most of the 38 congregations that make up ICARE. It was a celebration of the accomplishments that ICARE has achieved over the past year. Pam Pierce, Aileen Collymore, Laurie and Theo Johnson, Arlene Jones and Ed Wright attended representing St. Philip’s.

The ICARE business year begins with congregations having house/townhall meeting in the Fall to identify social justice issues affecting our communities. Working through resource committees ICARE members research the issues and determine what is possible for a win-win solution for each social justice issue that the ICARE Board decides that we want to tackle each year.

We hold the Nehemiah Action Assembly each year to bring the wider community together to publicly engage and seek support and commitment from community leaders and decision-makers to implement proposed changes to help resolve identified social justice issues.

St. Philip’s have an ICARE justice ministry investment goal of $1000 from our network members. To date St. Philip’s members have invested $750. If you would like to join me and invest so we can reach our individual investment goal please let me know. I am investing $300.00 this year.

Pamela Pierce attended the meeting but is not included in the picture.

Written by Ed Wright