Invitation to participate in the “Sacred Ground in The Beloved Community Initiative”

Invitation to participate in the “Sacred Ground in The Beloved Community Initiative” I recently responded to an invitation from St. John’s Cathedral to participate in a meeting to talk about joining the Cathedral to begin exploring the Scared Ground in The Beloved Community” initiative from the Presiding Bishop’s Office. We have five participants from St. Philip’s, and I encourage others to put forth an effort. I plan to participate. The invitation is open to anyone at St. Philip’s and St. Gabriel’s who are interested. This is an initiative that will be done with the Cathedral and it involves working in small groups to explore how we become a beloved community.

Please look below for more information and the contact information for individuals who can answer your questions.

Establishing Sacred Ground in Beloved Community

Are you interested in reading, watching, and learning:

  • about the history of race and racism in America
  • the impact it has on our world today
  • and engaging in meaningful conversation about change?

Are you interested in working with a small group:

  • to share your story
  • to discover how race and racism have impacted you
  • and engaging in meaningful conversation about what you learn about yourself?

Please consider joining us to do this work in small groups in a program produced by the Episcopal Church called the Sacred Ground Dialogue Series.


Sacred Ground is a sensitive, prayerful resource that creates space for difficult but respectful and transformative dialogue on race and racism.

It invites participants to walk back through history in order to peel away the layers that brought us to today, reflecting on family histories and stories, as well as important narratives that shape the collective American story.

It holds as a guiding star the vision of beloved community – where all people are honored and protected and nurtured as beloved children of God, where we weep at one another’s pain and seek one another’s flourishing.

The frequency of sessions can be according to your group’s needs. Recommended: Every two or three weeks (weekly would be too dense, monthly might be too infrequent). There are 10 sessions in the series.
If you are interested in joining a group or learning more about Sacred Ground, please email Joe O’Shields at or Owene Courtney at

For more information about the curriculum, click on the link below.