Joint 4th of July Celebration at St. John’s Cathedral

Katrina LB Crews

We have another opportunity to collaborate with our brothers and sisters at St. John’s Cathedral.

St. John’s is inviting St. Philip’s to have a joint 4th of July celebration. The plan is to have dinner at the Cathedral and then go across the street to the Diocesan parking lot to watch the fireworks.

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is going to grill hot dogs and hamburgers out in the courtyard. They will have a toppings bar, side salads, tea, lemonade, and adult beverages (because we are Episcopalians…) There will be musical acts (choir members, parish members) coming in for entertainment. And to make it really exciting, there will be a dessert competition.

St. Philip’s let’s join them by bringing desserts to share and to be a judge like the British Baking Show. The prize will be a cake plate to copy the show shamelessly.

Here’s what would be needed from St. Phillips:

  • Show up! Let’s all get excited about doing this together!
  • Assist with grilling. Appreciated in advance.
  • Contestants for the dessert competition.

If you have any questions or you are interested in participating, contact the office or Katrina Crews,