National Selfie Day

Arelia Donaldson


Hello to all the people who enjoy taking selfies. Let us explore where the word selfie originated from. I decided to do a little research about selfies. Did you know that in 1839, an amateur Chemist and Photographer, Robert Cornelius took a picture of himself? Of course, it was not called a selfie then, but it was an amazing discovery nonetheless.

Let us fast forward to the beginning of the Smartphone that allows us to create selfies.  The first known use of the word ‘selfie’ was on September 13, 2002, on an Australian internet forum. The widespread use of the word selfie did not take place until around 2012, when ‘selfies’ were being used commonly in mainstream media.  Many people believe that selfies are a form of self-expression and entertainment, that allows individuals the means to show themselves and build their confidence.

National Selfie Day started on June 21, 2014. It was started by DJ Rick McNeely to get people to enjoy taking selfies. Thanks to social media it gives people the opportunity to snap a picture anywhere and share the memory with everyone.

So, save the date, on June 21, 2023, meet up with friends and family and take selfies. Share them with the people you care about and just have fun. Here is a challenge for us as Christians, with each selfie that we take, let us state one blessing that we receive from God.