News from the Lenten Program

Barbara J Lee

April 12,2023

Dear St. Philip’s Church Members,

It was with consensus that our Lenten Study group found the book, I Am a Church Member by Thomas Rainier to be powerfully illuminating. The Lenten Sessions were organized by chapters from this book. Prior to each Session, presenters provided guided questions to be responded to in small groups. Later, the ideas were shared with the larger group.  At our last session, a very thought-provoking and purposeful question was raised by Geri Smith Baker, “Where do we go from here?” If you were unable to attend the Lenten Sessions, I highly recommend that you still buy or borrow a copy and read this short, but powerful book. It is life-changing!

This question was given much consideration, leading to the formation of the Lenten Program-Program-Wrap Up and Next Step Meeting. On Monday, May 10, 2023, four of us met via Zoom to discuss ideas.  In attendance were Linda Baker, Wendi Truitt Smith, Kristen Munroe, and Terrye Mosley. Some of the suggestions were: Town Hall Meeting, Bringing back the Mutual Ministry Review, Healing Service Unction, Suggestion Box, and/or Communication Board, “Food for Thought.”, Arts Festival, and Super Salad Saturday.  It was also suggested that we reach out to the Reverend Dean Deacon Marsha Evans for support.  A burning question was “Where are we in the process of selecting members for mediation training?”  A summary Review of the Lenten Sessions was emailed to members courtesy of Linda Baker.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, April 16, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom using the same link used for the Lenten Sessions.  Your input is valued as we seek to establish an action plan for the betterment of St. Philip’s. Thanks for all you have done and will continue to do!

In His Name,

Terrye Mosley


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