The Pew Swap

Kris Munroe

      The exchange has commenced! On Sunday, May 21, 2023, four members from St. Philip’s worshiped with the community at St. John’s Cathedral for the Pew Swap. Linda Johnson, Kevin Monroe, Terrye Mosley, and I (Kris Munroe), embarked on a journey of awe and reverence as we stepped into the hallowed halls of the magnificent St. John’s Cathedral church. We were enveloped by a sense of tranquility and hospitality; the warm smiles and genuine greetings from the church members instantly made us feel like cherished guests. The service was uplifting as the Rev. Mark Anderson spoke about division in our world and our responsibility to conquer it. His words were like sparks igniting a fire within us, inspiring us to embrace our faith with renewed passion and purpose. The music was phenomenal! The vibrant melodies of the choir filled the air; their voices soaring and harmonizing, wrapping us in a blanket of exquisite beauty. 

     After the service, we eagerly ventured into the church’s bookstore, where we found ourselves immersed in a world of spiritual treasures, good coffee and great conversation and company. It was a delightful extension of our visit, where we not only nourished our souls but also indulged in the joy of discovering new insights and perspectives. Leaving the cathedral that day, our hearts brimming with gratitude, we knew that this was not merely a one-time experience, but an invitation to return, to be embraced by the loving fellowship of a community that had become another spiritual haven.