UPDATE: New Rector Search

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We want to give you an update on where we are with our efforts to find a new rector. If you recall the vestry appointed a Discernment Committee to discern what we should be looking for in a new rector and if we can afford part-time or full-time.

We have received the final report from the Discernment Committee and want to share it with you before we move on. The first report told us we would need to increase our budget substantially in order to be able to afford a full-time rector. They recommended that everyone pledge $15 per week to fund a new rector. This would produce about $40,000 to go along with the $30,000 that is already in the budget for hiring a new rector. While we had several parishioners to pledge the $15 per week, the new rector’s fund is currently at about $6,200.

The vestry has decided to start the process of hiring a part-time rector and is increasing the 2021 budget to be able to pay him or her. We are asking you, if possible, to increase your pledge for the coming year to help us find and hire someone for this position. We are removing the budget item for
a new priest fund and will have one pledge to cover everything. We would like to start the process early in 2021 if we get the increase in pledges to cover the increase in the budget.

We do not have the money to do a search with a traditional search committee. Earlier this year I spoke with the Bishop’s office to get a good understanding of the role of that office in filling vacancies in the diocese. I learned that when a vacancy occurs it is put on a list that is on the internet.
Interested candidates visit the list of vacancies and contact the diocesan office if they are interested in a parish priest position. They typically send a resume to the diocesan office.

Earlier this year I asked the Bishop’s office to send us applicant resumes of Priests that may be interested in serving part-time at St. Philips. Although limited, this would give us some information on who is available and who has expressed some interest in coming to St. Philips. This process
could give us some potential candidates. We will appoint a Search committee of three to five parishioners to review applications and look at other criteria and recommend to the vestry the applicants they think would be a good fit. All searches will be local, online, or by mail in order to reduce
the cost of the search.

Please understand the Bishop will not be appointing a Priest to St. Philips. They are only sending us resumes and other information. St. Philips will decide who we want to call as our rector. This will be an affordable modified search process to help us find a rector.

Please contact any member of the vestry if you have any questions or comments pertinent to finding a rector.

Ed Wright, Senior Warden