Vestry Election Coming Up

We will be electing two (2) new people to serve on the Vestry. If you are interested in serving on the Vestry please be aware of your Article 3 of the By Laws for St. Philip’s.

Article 3
The Vestry

Section 1. Membership. The Vestry shall consist of the Rector and seven (7) lay members of the Parish who must be qualified individuals elected by the members of the Parish. Upon adoption of these Bylaws, three (3) members will be elected for two consecutive years, and three (3) members will be elected the third year, in succession.

Section 2. Qualifications. In addition to the qualifications contained in the Canons of the Diocese, members of the Vestry should be at least eighteen (18) years of age, a communicant in good standing and a pledger and, for service on the Vestry, should conform to the qualifications set forth in these

a. Shall be committed to the caring, forgiving, risking ministry of Jesus Christ and committed to continued growth and nurturing in their Christian life.

b. Shall accept the principle of pledge or proportionate giving, with the Biblical tithe being the minimum standard or goal for that giving, and be willing to commend this principle to the rest of the

c. Shall accept active leadership, including responsibility for decision making that represents the entire Parish and invest the time necessary in the ministry of leadership, including attendance at
worship, Vestry meetings, committees, special events, and satellite activities.

d. Shall, if called upon, serve on the Parish’s Committees, as well as Boards of affiliated organizations of the Parish. e. May not, during their term of office, be an employee of the Parish or any affiliated organization.

The election takes place at the Annual Meeting. We will also be electing a Convention Delegate and an Alternate.

If you are interested in any of the vacation positions, please contact Arelia Donaldson.