Hospitality Committee

Dorothy Young Holder

Hospitality Committee

We are all called to welcome those who have been entrusted to our care, and as such, the Hospitality Committee is inviting all members of the congregation to join the team!

We have rebranded the coffee hour to Fellowship Hour.  This gives us an opportunity to fellowship with our church family and visitors after the worship service each Sunday.

How can you become part of the team?

Sponsor a Fellowship Hour to celebrate an event – birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion, retirement or for no reason at all!

There are a number of ways for you to engage – sponsor, host, set-up, clean-up, make a monetary donation to the host future gatherings.

Fellowship Hour can be as elaborate or as simple as you prefer.  Just sign-up on the Hospitality calendar located in the Narthex and the committee will be there to assist.  We look forward to seeing your name on the calendar!

Committee Members to date:

Valerie Davis-Bailey, Katrina Crews, Ann Gayle, Linda Johnson, Pam Pierce, Dorothy Young-Holder