Welcoming – I am New Here

Welcome to church! We're so glad you’re here.

At St. Philip’s we are not perfect people. In fact, we are regular people who just come together to worship God through music, prayer, study and fellowship. We are a congregation that does our best to foster a community of teaching others to show their love for God and for one another. In fact, it is our mission here at St. Philip’s to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the heart of this community through welcoming, worship, and witnessing.

The members of St. Philip’s are a culturally diverse group of people who build relationships through various ministries. We would love to see how these ministries inspire you to carry out Christ’s mission in the world, in this community, and even in this church.

Our spiritual growth comes from our thirst for the liturgy that we receive through uplifting preaching, study, prayer, and even silence. We find our faith in Him, through sharing the Good News of our Savior with open and loving hearts. This is how we have become a community of faith that makes visible the presence of God.

If you are searching for a Christian community in action like St. Philip’s, introduce yourself to our Welcoming committee and let’s begin planning your visit with us. We welcome you to this place we call, home.

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